A Guide on Different Kinds of House

Maybe you already have thought of the different kinds or types of houses. Do you know what type of house do you have? The following gives you a guide on the various types of houses. As you know, a house serves as a shelter. It had been built since a long time ago. Since that time, there are many interesting and beautiful houses that had been built up until this generation may it be simple or a magnificent one. Let us now know the different types of houses. The Laneway House is a house attached to a main house that feeds to the back lane. Houses that shares a foundation but detached is known as a Linked House. A pre-fabricated house is the Lustron House. A luxurious house built with its own access road, front lawns and beautiful gardens and botanical fields refers to the Mansion. A log home or Log cabin is a type of house that was built using logs that was cut but not sawn off to create a timber. Another type of house which is quite big and with many rooms, usually for the nobles is the Manor. A house that was designed far away from the original place where it should be built is the manufactured house. A house made of planks of wood is the Plank house. A house built on stilts is a Stilt house. These houses are only some of the kinds or types of houses throughout the world. You can find out more if you continue reading.

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