How to paint your house easily

The colors and texture of your walls will determine the  character of your home. The correct application of  those colors and textures are very important if the  walls are not prepared correctly all the type of paint is incorrectly chosen . you could have a major headache. Let’s take a look at the way how a room is professionally built and paint.

That professional painter room inside a house, the first step is to take all the furniture out of the room get as much as you can if you can’t get them out move heavy items into the center of the room covering them with a plastic sheet for protection then remove all the light and outlet, cover plates and the curtains if there are cracks or blemishes in the walls they should be repaired before painting  if you slide your palm across the wall you’ll feel a little imperfections that were left from the previous painting a quick sand with a hundred grit sand paper will get rid of these imperfections and also roughen the surface of the wall to provide a key that the new paint can grip on to, wipe any dust that may remain. The first thing to do is give the paper stir the paint has a tiny particles in it that will sink to the bottom of the can over time stirring will suspend these particles in the paint its a good idea to pour  over the front of the label so that the instructions on the back of the can are not hidden with the paint  over spool in a year’s time.

you may want to use the leftover can you stored in the garage and will most likely want to read the instructions so its a good idea to keep them clear. Always pour over a drop cloth to protect the floor or carpet from paint splashes start edging from one corner  applying the paint bellow  the edge of the  ceiling.