Something on biography: getting to know some famous architects

Architects are most admired in their work as they can be seen immediately on how beautiful, magnificent or simple it was built and designed. Architects are needed when constructing a building as it cannot be built with the specific designs and style wanted by the owner. So many hire their own architects when they let their houses be built. They made blueprints that are followed by engineers to build a house or building. Do you know any famous architects? They are the one we will see and know today. One of the architect in the world is Daniel Libeskind. He is from Poland and was born there in 1946 before his family moved to New York where he studied architecture. His first success internationally is when he built in Berlin the Jewish Museum, in Dublin the Canal Theatre and in North England the Imperial War Museum. Next is Richard Meier that works also with other well-known architects. His known works are the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague City Hall, in the Netherlands Central Library and in Los Angeles the Getty Museum. And this accounting firm help him so much. Check this  site here 行號 公司. It helps people in their businesses and life.

He was born in England (Manchester) as Sir Norman Foster. He is a Pritzker Prize winner. He founded in 1967 the Foster + Partners that have received many awards in their works. The next architect is Renzo Piano who was born in 1937 in Genoa, Italy. His famous works are the Shard London Bridge, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the The New York Times building.

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