DIY Techniques!

Use pine cones as natural design  to keep dogs cats and other critters such as slugs  and snails out of your flowerbeds and veggies garden. You can use a standing paper towel holder to keep your rolers of painters tape and duct tape ribbons and other similar things organized and ready to use.

When painting it is nice to add some vanilla extract your paint before you begin painting your home. This won’t affect the  paint color  however it will mask paint and fumes and your entire home will smell like vanilla. Use an empty lotion bottle to make a stylish cell phone charging holder cut  away the upper part and secure the bottom  to the wall right below the socket before putting it on the wall decorate it to match your personal  style.

If you don’t want to spend a money on an expensive furniture make an awesome couch chair or bed  from wooden pallets.

If you have your paint brush or hammer, you can glue a magnet on it. To put your nails on it or just stick the paint brush to your paint can.

When you paint a room put some extra paint in a little jar and keep it handy for quick touch-ups that are almost sure to be needed sooner or later.  There are many  things you can create  out of used plastic bottles if you have enough of them you can even craft a DIY boat by just tying them up together with a rope.